Alex Geordan Facilitates Passage of Canfield $5.9 Million School Levy

Allocating Resources to Improve the Quality of Education

Canfield, OH, Sept 25, 2020 – Canfield passed a $5.9 million levy under the leadership of Superintendent Alex Geordan. This levy is a major achievement for the school system and had previously failed to pass three times, before Alex Geordan’s arrival.

The levy’s benefits are multifaceted helping teaching staff and students alike. Staff members’ positions and salaries are further protected, ensuring that students have the teachers and coaches needed to pursue their ambitions. Furthermore, the levy protects the community by keeping good teachers and staff members employed. The school system’s operating budget dictates the resources available to students, and the levy helps supplement the funds available. 

The $5.9 million levy Alex Geordan helped pass protects and bolsters the facilities, textbooks, and computers students use. The funding enables the purchase of new texts, and the procurement of additional resources, to make the educational experience more substantive. Whether it is transportation to and from school, sporting equipment, or implementing technology in schools, this levy maintains or enhances the quality of education that students receive.

Without sufficient funding, course offerings and extracurricular activities are at risk. This is a problem that school districts often face throughout the U.S. Alex Geordan works to protect or improve existing curriculums and has done so throughout his career. He worked as a teacher before ascending to the superintendent, giving him insight into the classroom experience and what it takes to effectively teach students.

In addition to his role as superintendent, Alex Geordan also volunteers with the football officiating team to help evaluate and improve their performance. This includes assisting with social distance monitoring and compliance on the sidelines during the games. He continues to contribute and finds new ways to improve the quality of education for students throughout the school district.

Alex Geordan is a proponent of programs that help eradicate cyberbullying and drug use. He has also championed athletics, special education programs, and school safety. Additional funding for the school district helps Alex Geordan and his peers improve education and the lives of students and teachers. 

Alex Geordan is an accomplished school administrator with decades of experience enriching the lives of students and educators. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1994 and his Master’s degree in Education Administration in 1998. In 2005, Alex Geordan received his superintendent certificate.

Alex Geordan

Alex Geordan Discusses Concerns to Address With a School Administrator

Alex Geordan has noted that some parents don’t have a lot of experience working directly with school administrators and may not understand what these experts can do for them. This situation is particularly problematic during these Covid-19 times, which is why Alex Geordan has examined the different ways that parents can talk to school administrators and what concerns they can address with them.

Situations Alex Geordan and Other School Administrators Can Address

Administrators can help parents out in many ways, Alex Geordan states, but cannot be expected to perform miracles. Their duties extend to all elements of operating a school, and they must do what they can, within their power, to keep students and parents happy. However, he emphasizes that there are some things that they cannot handle and that these factors should be addressed.

First of all, Alex Geordan suggests talking to administrators about security and safety steps during the Covid-19 pandemic. As this disease spreads and schools attempt to reopen, it will be essential for them to do what they can to keep students, teachers, and parents safe from spreading dangerous diseases. Alex Geordan believes that it is wise to talk to administrators about what steps they want to take.

Beyond these concerns, Alex Geordan also suggests talking to administrators about elements as diverse as food funding and what kind of meals children will eat during this period. What steps are schools going to take to ensure that children don’t eat food infected with the Covid-19 virus? Alex Geordan believes that parents must address this fact to keep themselves understanding in all situations.

Administrators should also handle any types of fights between students, Alex Geordan states. If a student is being picked on another or there is a battle between two or more students, let administrators handle it. Don’t try to work with the children’s parents, Alex Geordan says because this can become a very heated and unfortunate situation if mishandled.

Parents should also address any concerns about busing or tutoring of their children to administrators. By handling these types of situations, these experts can provide parents with the best chance of understanding how their school is run. They can also make a difference, Alex Geordan says, by expressing their opinion and offer advice that may be useful to some schools. Though not all administrators will take this type of guidance from parents, many are willing to hear what they have to say and try to do what is necessary to satisfy them.

About Alex Geordan

Alex Geordan is well known as a respected school administrator in the Canfield, Ohio area. After attending Youngstown State University, he started his teaching career in Devon Elementary School and has advanced to administrator position in many different areas. His experience and his knowledge make him a caring and professional administrator for his district.


Superintendent Alex Geordan Explains the Long-Term Effects of Cyberbullying

According to Superintendent Alex Geordan, online messages can leave lasting scars on young school children

Social media and other online platforms can be a great resource for information, sharing experiences, and connecting. However, according to Superintendent Alex Geordan, these online platforms can also make it easier for children and teens to be bullied. The high amount of online interaction, especially during the COVID-19 quarantine, allows people to essentially “hide” behind their screens while inflicting verbal and emotional harm on others. 

From the outside, many assume these negative online experiences aren’t nearly as bad as face to face bullying. Superintendent Alex Geordan believes otherwise. In fact, cyberbullying takes things a step further because it can involve more than two people while being displayed in front of a very large audience. There is no relief either since it can happen at any time of day or night from the comfort of home. 

Iphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices are easily accessible to most people, which means information spreads quickly. Superintendent Alex Geordan explains that photos, posts, comments, and messages can be spread around amongst friend groups, and many times that content is uploaded permanently. Repeated online abuse, or cyberbullying, can lead to both long-term and short-term effects that are hard to overcome. 

According to Superintendent Alex Geordan, it’s important for parents and teachers to keep a close eye on the students’ behaviors and on their online usage to detect cyber-abuse as soon as possible. If the situation goes undetected, it can lead to serious situations, self-harm, and damaged relationships. According to Superintendent Alex Geordan, some common long-term effects of cyberbullying include depression, low self-esteem, unhealthy addictions, trust issues, and poor mental health. 

Studies have shown that cyberbullying victims are at a higher risk for suicidal thoughts or actions, which can also lead to anxiety and tension with family members who may not understand what is going on. Superintendent Alex Geordan notes that these effects are seen in victims of all ages, even long after the cyberbullying event has occurred. Adults continue to experience these adverse psychological problems which impact their day to day lives.  

Superintendent Alex Geordan explains that to cope, some victims turn to substances and addictive behavior. Teens are more likely to drink or be pressured to try drugs. Alcohol abuse can quickly turn into alcoholism that leads to many other health problems and relationship problems. 

Additionally, cyberbullying can lead to a lower academic performance in school. This issue is especially large for students who are already in at-risk home situations such as foster care or unstable circumstances. Superintendent Alex Geordan notes that this increases the likelihood of students dropping out of school and experiencing further economic difficulty. 

Superintendent Alex Geordan notes that these negative long-term effects can be prevented by parents and teachers that are active in taking a stand against cyberbullying. Detecting issues early and providing the proper support can completely change lives and help prevent damage from arising. 


Superintendent Alex Geordan Discusses the Effectiveness of Student Drug Testing in Schools

Superintendent Alex Geordan discusses the effectiveness of student drug testing in schools.

Mandatory drug testing is a commonly debated topic among teachers, parents, and school officials. Recent studies from the Institute of Education Sciences have shown that student drug testing has shown positive effects on numerous students and school systems. Superintendent Alex Geordan recently discussed the effectiveness of such testing.

“Studies have shown that in-school drug testing in high schools has resulted in less drug use among students,” Alex Geordan said. “Less drug use leads to a number of positives for the students, their families, and the school system.”

Alex Geordan explained that the study by the Institute of Education Sciences, The Effectiveness of Mandatory-Random Student Drug Testing, compared high schools using in-school drug testing for students in extracurricular activities and those without testing. Results showed that the schools with testing reported less substance abuse overall. In fact, the study of more than 4,700 students showed a number of additional positive results.

“Many school officials and parents think drug testing may discourage kids from participating in extracurricular activities,” Alex Geordan said. “Extracurricular activities have been proven to provide a number of benefits to kids of all backgrounds, so that’s obviously a valid concern.”

However, Alex Geordan stated the same study showed no evidence that the implementation of drug testing reduced the students’ desire to participate in extracurricular activities. The study also showed no link between drug testing and a decreased connection to the school. Alex Geordan explained that the goal of in-school drug testing is not to scare kids or remove kids currently using drugs from the system.

“The goal is to reduce substance abuse and promote healthier, more fulfilling lives for all students,” Alex Geordan said.

Alex Geordan added that he doesn’t promote drug testing as a way to minimize substance abuse among students. Testing has been proven to reduce substance abuse and have a number of positive “spillover” effects on students who may not be participating in extracurricular activities. These students are influenced by their peers, so when students involved in extracurricular activities are foregoing the use of drugs, the positive effect spills over to other kids as well.

“We also believe that drug-testing will never be a stand-alone solution to drug abuse problems in high schools across the country,” Alex Geordan said. “It could be used alongside other methods, at school and at home, to help prevent drug use among teens.”

Alex Geordan explained that a major portion of drug-use prevention begins at home in the family setting. He encourages parents to educate themselves on the harmful effects of substance abuse, so they can properly educate their children. Alex Geordan cited peer prevention and in-school educational programs as additional ways to help keep drugs out of schools and out of the lives of students.

Alex Geordan

Alex Geordan and Drug Testing Policies in Schools: What Parents Must Know

CANFIELD, OH, USA, July 27, 2020 / — Superintendent Alex Geordan is a trusted expert on various educational elements and topics, including the importance of drug testing policies in schools. He recently discussed why he finds drug testing so necessary. In his discussion, he outlined these factors to parents and students to make it easier for them to understand these factors.

The Nature of Drug Testing, According to Alex Geordan

Over the years, Alex Geordan has seen many types of tests used to gauge drug use among his students. For example, urine tests can be useful when helping to find various kinds of drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, and many types of opioids. The methods utilized for these tests are often quite varied but usually include the use of randomized drug testing of potential users.

This randomized model is one that Alex Geordan superintendent understands is somewhat controversial for some. Many parents may find that this randomized testing can seem somewhat unfair or focused on students whom the school does not trust. However, Geordan does not do randomized tests in this way. He believes that a random test should be genuinely random and done on students with straight As and trouble students.

The importance of randomized tests is critical, Alex Geordan says, for a few reasons. First of all, these help make sure that the tests feel fair to all involved and not unduly focused on a handful of students. And while some parents may doubt the legality of such tests, Geordan understands that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of such tests, making them entirely legal.

More Focused Testing Methods

Although random drug tests are an excellent method, Alex Geordan also knows that they cannot serve as the only way to check for drug issues. That’s because many students may be skilled at hiding their drug use or may be noticed by teachers as a high-risk student. As a result, Alex Geordan finds that testing students at a high risk is a good step for ensuring that testing goes smoothly.
What defines a high-risk student? Geordan says that a student who appears to be “high” – i.e., acting erratically or showcasing physical symptoms, such as red eyes or confused actions – may be tested. It all depends on various factors, Alex Geordan says, such as what teachers notice about the student and what principals and superintendents believe should be done as well.
And these types of tests are essential, Geordan says because drugs have many short-term and long-term effects. He has seen honor roll students transformed into glazed-eyed stoners in a matter of months. Unfortunately, all of this drug abuse may cause students real cognitive damage, Alex Geordan says, and may haunt them legally for years. These reasons are why he encourages drug testing.

Alex Geordan

Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses How the 2020-2021 School Year Will Look Different Due to COVID-19

Alex Geordan superintendent discusses how the 2020-2021 school year will look different due to the coronavirus pandemic.

CANFIELD, OH / July 27, 2020 / School superintendents around the country are still discussing what the 2020-2021 school year will look like. Many schools are set to open during the months of August and September, so time is quickly closing in on the decision-making process. Alex Geordan superintendent recently discussed how the 2020-2021 school year will look different due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Alex Geordan

“There’s no doubt this school year is going to look very different than any school year most of us have seen in our lifetimes,” Alex Geordan superintendent said. “We’re not even sure that it will include in-person classes every day.”

Alex Geordan superintendent explained this school year could involve a lot of remote learning, at least until we start to see COVID-19 case numbers fall again. He explained that he expects to see a unique hybrid model of remote and in-person learning. Alex Geordan superintendent added that in-school learning may be more necessary for young children, students with special needs, and those who are at risk. He stated that at-home learning may be essential for others at the start of the school year, with the coronavirus pandemic still looming.

“Many colleges and certain school districts have already announced that they’ll be operating with a hybrid system,” Alex Geordan superintendent. “Students will participate in some classes in a traditional in-person setting while other classes will be performed at home or in dorms.”

Most superintendents, like Alex Geordan superintendent, across the country have still stated they’re not exactly sure when the 2020-2021 school year will begin and how it will look. Alex Geordan superintendent stated that schools will undoubtedly be implementing a number of cleanliness and safety measures, including an abundance of hand sanitizer, hand-washing stations, masks, face shields, and more.

Superintendents are finding it extremely difficult to balance the educational needs of children with their safety and the safety of school staff. Alex Geordan superintendent stated many schools and bus systems will be requiring temperature checks, but it’s difficult to say how much these measures will do to prevent the spread. He explained that it will be difficult to implement social distancing rules with kids who instinctively want to visit with their friends.

“We’re constantly discussing how to find a balance in education, safety, and convenience for parents,” Alex Geordan superintendent said. “We know not all families have someone who can supervise a child’s learning at home, but we also know we need to protect our kids and staff as much possible. There’s no easy way to go about this, and we have no real precedent to follow.”

Alex Geordan superintendent finished by stating that while so much remains up in the air, we know one thing for certain, this back-to-school season is going to look a lot different than the last.

Alex Geordan Looks to Continue Helping Students Educators and Schools

His track record speaks for itself and now Alex Geordan will be looking to continue his successful history of helping and improving educational and administrative systems for students, teachers, and schools. Even before his role as Superintendent of the Canfield School system, Alex Geordan made a difference early and often.

Alex Geordan began his career as an educator in 1994, teaching at Devon Elementary in Warren, OH, after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from Youngstown State University. Alex Geordan continued his studies even as a teacher, earning a Master’s degree in Education Administration in 1998.

As someone passionate about education, Alex Geordan wasted no time putting that degree to use assuming the role of Assistant Principal at East Middle School in Warren in 1999. That also marked the beginning of his career not only as an educator but also as an administrator. It was only six years later, in 2005 that Alex Geordan also earned his Superintendent’s Certificate.

As to be expected, just a few short years later Alex Gordan was hired as the Superintendent of Pymatuning Valley Local School District. While his time there was brief before moving on to continue helping other school systems, his school district improved from 15 of 26 state indicators passed by students to 23 of 26 passed. And the accolades only continued from there.

In his latest tenure of Superintendent of Canfield Local Schools, the administration stated that it was “proud of the progress of Canfield Local Schools under Mr. Geordan’s leadership and recognizes the many accomplishments the district has achieved during his time as superintendent.” For Alex Geordan, these words have become a common chorus wherever he has stepped up to educate and lead.

Alex Geordan Discusses Summer Enrichment

Alex Geordan has also spent his time as a summer enrichment teacher, in addition to lending his time to a district language arts committee. Beyond that, Alex Geordan has merely had a few successful grant writing projects and spent time coaching basketball and football.

This is Alex Geordan, and this is a picture of an educator, administrator, and leader who is committed to helping our youth. From leading schools with new educational tools and techniques to empower students through sport and activity, Alex Geordan continues helping students, educators, and schools – because that is what he does.