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Alex Geordan Discusses Concerns to Address With a School Administrator

Alex Geordan has noted that some parents don’t have a lot of experience working directly with school administrators and may not understand what these experts can do for them. This situation is particularly problematic during these Covid-19 times, which is why Alex Geordan has examined the different ways that parents can talk to school administrators and what concerns they can address with them.

Situations Alex Geordan and Other School Administrators Can Address

Administrators can help parents out in many ways, Alex Geordan states, but cannot be expected to perform miracles. Their duties extend to all elements of operating a school, and they must do what they can, within their power, to keep students and parents happy. However, he emphasizes that there are some things that they cannot handle and that these factors should be addressed.

First of all, Alex Geordan suggests talking to administrators about security and safety steps during the Covid-19 pandemic. As this disease spreads and schools attempt to reopen, it will be essential for them to do what they can to keep students, teachers, and parents safe from spreading dangerous diseases. Alex Geordan believes that it is wise to talk to administrators about what steps they want to take.

Beyond these concerns, Alex Geordan also suggests talking to administrators about elements as diverse as food funding and what kind of meals children will eat during this period. What steps are schools going to take to ensure that children don’t eat food infected with the Covid-19 virus? Alex Geordan believes that parents must address this fact to keep themselves understanding in all situations.

Administrators should also handle any types of fights between students, Alex Geordan states. If a student is being picked on another or there is a battle between two or more students, let administrators handle it. Don’t try to work with the children’s parents, Alex Geordan says because this can become a very heated and unfortunate situation if mishandled.

Parents should also address any concerns about busing or tutoring of their children to administrators. By handling these types of situations, these experts can provide parents with the best chance of understanding how their school is run. They can also make a difference, Alex Geordan says, by expressing their opinion and offer advice that may be useful to some schools. Though not all administrators will take this type of guidance from parents, many are willing to hear what they have to say and try to do what is necessary to satisfy them.

About Alex Geordan

Alex Geordan is well known as a respected school administrator in the Canfield, Ohio area. After attending Youngstown State University, he started his teaching career in Devon Elementary School and has advanced to administrator position in many different areas. His experience and his knowledge make him a caring and professional administrator for his district.


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