Alex Geordan Facilitates Passage of Canfield $5.9 Million School Levy

Allocating Resources to Improve the Quality of Education

Canfield, OH, Sept 25, 2020 – Canfield passed a $5.9 million levy under the leadership of Superintendent Alex Geordan. This levy is a major achievement for the school system and had previously failed to pass three times, before Alex Geordan’s arrival.

The levy’s benefits are multifaceted helping teaching staff and students alike. Staff members’ positions and salaries are further protected, ensuring that students have the teachers and coaches needed to pursue their ambitions. Furthermore, the levy protects the community by keeping good teachers and staff members employed. The school system’s operating budget dictates the resources available to students, and the levy helps supplement the funds available. 

The $5.9 million levy Alex Geordan helped pass protects and bolsters the facilities, textbooks, and computers students use. The funding enables the purchase of new texts, and the procurement of additional resources, to make the educational experience more substantive. Whether it is transportation to and from school, sporting equipment, or implementing technology in schools, this levy maintains or enhances the quality of education that students receive.

Without sufficient funding, course offerings and extracurricular activities are at risk. This is a problem that school districts often face throughout the U.S. Alex Geordan works to protect or improve existing curriculums and has done so throughout his career. He worked as a teacher before ascending to the superintendent, giving him insight into the classroom experience and what it takes to effectively teach students.

In addition to his role as superintendent, Alex Geordan also volunteers with the football officiating team to help evaluate and improve their performance. This includes assisting with social distance monitoring and compliance on the sidelines during the games. He continues to contribute and finds new ways to improve the quality of education for students throughout the school district.

Alex Geordan is a proponent of programs that help eradicate cyberbullying and drug use. He has also championed athletics, special education programs, and school safety. Additional funding for the school district helps Alex Geordan and his peers improve education and the lives of students and teachers. 

Alex Geordan is an accomplished school administrator with decades of experience enriching the lives of students and educators. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1994 and his Master’s degree in Education Administration in 1998. In 2005, Alex Geordan received his superintendent certificate.

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